BuildSim Nordic 2022 is a two-day conference on 22-23 August. The conference programme includes approx. 80 presentations of scientific papers, four keynote sessions and four workshops.

Additional optional events include a welcome reception at Villum Window Collection, a technical tour at DTU Campus and conference dinner at Sovino Boathouse in Copenhagen.

The conference is preceded by a summer school on daylighting in buildings by Nlited.

The conference is succeeded by a Modelica training course on Energy Systems Analysis.

Download the app Conference4me (iOS or Android) for handy access to all sessions, abstracts and other info. Search for “Buildsim Nordic” and start planning your own agenda.

Sessions and topics

The conference is organised in eight sessions with the following topics:

  • Building physics and weather adaptation
  • CFD, ventilation and airflow
  • Commissioning and control
  • Energy flexible buildings and districts
  • Daylighting and lighting
  • HVAC systems and heat pumps
  • Solar energy and thermal storage
  • Building Information Modeling and digitalization


Planned workshops:

  • Daylighting in simulation
  • Digital twins: Digitalisation and performance simulation of MEP designs
  • Buildings and machine learning
  • Developments in Simulations by EQUA

Preliminary programme

The time slots are indicative and subject to change.

Aug 16 – 20Sun
Aug 21
Aug 22
Aug 23
Aug 24 – 26
08:30Summer schoolSummer schoolKeynotesKeynotesModelica training
Coffee breakCoffee break
10:30Summer schoolSummer schoolSessions/
Summer school
Modelica training
13:00Summer schoolSummer schoolSessions/
Modelica training
Coffee breakCoffee break
15:00Summer schoolSummer schoolSessions/
Closing ceremonyModelica training
Technical tour at DTU Lyngby Campus
(approx. 16:30)
16:00Opening ceremony and reception
at Villum Window Collection
Modelica training
19:00Conference dinner

Welcome reception at Villum Window Collection

Villum Window Collection. Photo: Kim Wendt.

Join us for the welcome reception on Sunday 21 August 2022 which takes place at the Villum Window Collection that houses approximately 300 historical windows that date from the 17th century until today. The exhibition is unique, as it is a comprehensive physical collection of technical, artisanal and historical examples of the development of the window and its significance to the quality of human life through access to light, air and view.
The reception is sponsored by VELUX.