Welcome to DTU Campus

BSN 2022 is hosted by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). We are excited to welcome you to our main campus located just North of Copenhagen near the town of Kgs. Lyngby. The conference takes place in the newly renovated building 116, which is regarded as the DTU’s most beautiful auditorium building.

Venue address: DTU Building 116, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Getting there

You can reach the DTU main campus by car or by public transportation. 

By bus or train

Several busses cross or pass the campus area and Lyngby Station is just 2 km away with even more bus connections. 

Tickets for public transport can be purchased from ‘Your Public Transport’. It is possible to purchase a ‘Large City Pass’ for DKK 160 pr. day which grants unlimited access in the Copenhagen area and also to the venue DTU campus in Lyngby. As a one way ticket from the airport to the venue is approx. DKK 68, we recommend the city pass for its price and flexibility. Purchases are done in the ‘Your Public Transport’ app or at vending machines on the stations. You can read more at Your Public Transport.

Access the Journey Planner to see how to get to DTU with public transportation from the airport and the main stations of Copenhagen.

Location of DTU building 116:

Transforming DTU

Transforming DTU is a comprehensive campus development programme aiming to support DTU’s role as a vibrant elite technical university within research, learning, study and innovation environments. With new state-of-the art research facilities, innovation-promoting learning and study facilities, and an inviting campus environment, DTU will create the optimum conditions for research and education.