Updated: August 4

On this webpage the organizers will publish any COVID-related incidences during the conference. There will be no other communication to the conference participants, so please check the webpage regularly if you feel at risk.

The conference is physical and we hope for everybody to benefit greatly from meeting again post-corona.

We keep a lookout for COVID-19, but Denmark is a well-vaccinated country with very low COVID incidence rate.

There are no COVID restrictions in Denmark, we can travel in and out of the country, meet as many as we want and facial masks are not required anywhere.

The basic recommendations are still:

  • get vaccinated
  • stay home if you are ill
  • keep your distance
  • open windows and and ventilate regularly
  • wash hand frequently or use hand sanitizer
  • clean surfaces that are touched by many people

If you are infected, self-isolate as soon as it is possible. Tests of close relatives of other contacts are no longer recommended.

The front desk has facial masks and COVID self-test kits upon request. Hand sanitizers are distributed at the conference venue.

We hope to see you for a safe and sunny event in Copenhagen!

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